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Wheat donated by Pakistan was rotten, inedible, whereas India’s of good quality: Taliban officials

Govt planned to send 10,000ton wheat to Afghanistan, with 4,000ton already sent

Wheat donated by Pakistan was rotten, India’s of good quality said Taliban officilas 

The official stated the Centre has planned to send 10,000 tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan in the next two weeks, with two consignments totaling 4,000 tonnes already dispatched.

‘Through the United Nations World Food Programme (UN-WFP), it is being provided to the people of Afghanistan as humanitarian aid’. ‘Our trucks are transporting the wheat to Jalalabad for distribution via Pakistan,’ stated a senior government official. While roughly 50,000 tonnes may be transported to Afghanistan in the coming months, he said the administration has prioritized providing 10,000 tonnes right away.

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Quality of India’s wheat

The official stated that the grade of wheat given to the neighboring country met international standards, adding that India’s humanitarian effort had been positively accepted by the Afghan people. The timing of the aid is particularly critical, he said, because global wheat prices have risen sharply since the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

‘Humanity comes first. India has been able to provide good quality wheat to the people of Afghanistan as humanitarian help thanks to our industrious farmers. Piyush Goyal, India’s Commerce and Food Minister, tweeted, ‘India knows how to treat its friends well.’

Since media reports from Afghanistan indicated dissatisfaction with the quality of wheat from Pakistan, the government has emphasised the high quality of India’s wheat. According to a company official at a Kabul-based bread factory, grains donated by Pakistan arrived rotten, eaten by insects, and completely unfit for use, whereas wheat donated by India was of good quality.

The first shipment of wheat sent by India arrived in Jalalabad on February 26, according to Afghanistan’s Ambassador to India Farid Mamundzay. Also Read | Following Ukraine war, export demand for Indian wheat, corn, spices skyrockets.

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