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We won’t revoke APMC Act amendments – Karnataka Cooperation Minister

We won't revoke APMC Act amendments - Karnataka Cooperation Minister

We won’t revoke APMC Act amendments – Karnataka Cooperation Minister

Karnataka Cooperation Minister ST Somashekar informed the Legislative Council on Tuesday that the BJP administration has no intentions to revoke the APMC Act amendments, despite the fact that the Centre pushed back farm legislation that suggested similar reforms to free up agricultural trade.

Somashekar was responding to MLC Harish Kumar’s query. According to the MLC, numerous APMCs have been incurring losses since the amendments went into force.

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Previously, farmers were required to sell their food solely through APMCs; but, under the new law, they are allowed to sell it directly to any buyer, wherever. ‘The APMC structure has been weakened as a result of this law. Several APMCs are unable to maintain themselves’ Kumar said.

In response, Somashekar stated that the state administration had heard no complaints about APMCs and had no plans to repeal the Act. Also Read | APMC Act must deliver maximum benefit to the rice growers

The former chief minister BS Yediyurappa administration initially issued an ordinance in May 2020. The Karnataka Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation and Development) (Amendment) Bill was approved in December 2020. The Act went into effect in January 2021.

The Act eliminates limits on the selling of agricultural products, enabling private persons to establish trade marketplaces where farmers can sell. Farmers were once required to sell exclusively at registered marketplaces or mandis.

BK Hariprasad, Leader of the Opposition in the Council, questioned why the administration was hanging on to this modification when the Centre had taken back agricultural legislation following farmer complaints.

Somashekar, on the other hand, maintained that changes to the APMC Act benefit farmers. ‘Farmers may now sell their goods wherever. We kept the legislation because it benefits farmers. If there are any concerns, we will take them into account in the future’ He stated. Also Read | Average mandi prices are lower than the MSPs for at least ten Kharif crops

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