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Ukraine conflict: India more concerned about agriculture exports – Finance Minister

Ukraine conflict, India more concerned about agriculture exports - Finance Minister

Ukraine conflict: India more concerned about agriculture exports – Finance Minister

India is more concerned about the impact of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, particularly on its agriculture exports, according to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Monday.

Interacting with industry leaders at an event here, Sitharaman stated that the Centre was aware of the situation and that conversations were underway across Ministries to do a ‘full evaluation’ of the situation.

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‘On the bigger problem of the current situation in Ukraine, India’s position in the UN Security Council, and so on. It is widely accessible, and I went through the press releases and press commentary issued by the External Affairs Ministry‘ She stated.

Concerned about the country’s imports and exports from Russia and the war-torn country, the Union Minister stated, ‘As regards what is going to have a bearing on our immediate imports and equally on our exports to Ukraine, we are rightly worried about what comes from there, but I am more concerned about what is going to happen to our export markets who are doing very well, especially the agriculture sector.’

In response to a question on the growing crisis in Ukraine, Sitharaman stated, ‘We are already looking at an urgent scenario, but I will have to have a comprehensive assessment done via the many relevant Ministries before I can comment on it.’

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She did, however, ensure that the government was pretty concerned about the subject in its granular form, as it would have an influence on basics such as edible oil from Ukraine and so on.

India is presently working to send back students who have become stuck in Ukraine as a result of the crisis, and on Monday, the sixth flight under India’s evacuation operation ‘Operation Ganga’ departed Budapest for New Delhi, carrying 240 Indian nationals.

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