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Tomar told agricultural scientists to Overcome the problems of Amrit Kaal

Tomar told agricultural scientists to Overcome the problems of Amrit Kaal

Tomar told agricultural scientists to Overcome the problems of Amrit Kaal

On Friday, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar praised the work of agriculture scientists at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) for making the country self-sufficient in food. He also asked them to overcome the challenges during the Amrit Kaal so that the country can join the group of developed nations by 2047.

At the ICAR Society’s Annual General Meeting, Tomar said, ‘It’s great that the institute has made so much progress so far. Our agricultural scientists have been very important in every area, whether it’s meeting production goals, increasing productivity, or meeting the challenge of making crops that can withstand changes in climate.

So far, this journey has been good, but our goal is to get through the problems during the Amrit Kaal and make the country a developed country by 2047. Also Read | Scientists at IIRR developed paddy varieties that need 30% less phosphorous

The minister said that the government was moving forward with the country’s overall and balanced growth. ‘When it comes to the country’s overall growth, the farm sector is like the backbone. We are in charge of making it better. We face a lot of problems today, such as Climate Change. We also have to deal with the fact that natural disasters can damage crops that are already in the ground.

He reminded scientists that it is their job to share new technology and research with all farmers. Tomar said that the farmers’ incomes need to go up, their homes and villages need to get better, and the agriculture industry needs to do well. All of these things need to be done together.

Tomar said that the International Year of Millets (Shree Anna) would be officially started on March 18 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He explained that the International Year of Millets is not just an event, but a big project to increase the production, productivity, and market for Shree Anna.

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‘The programs that are being held all over the country are also making Shree Anna more popular and increasing its use. As it becomes more popular around the world, more people will want to buy it. Since India is the biggest producer of Shree Anna, it will be up to us to meet that demand. ‘This is another thing that scientists need to pay attention to,’ he said.

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