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Skyrocketing Tomato prices, burdened people fell dramatically on Saturday

Skyrocketing Tomato prices, burdened people fell dramatically on Saturday

Tomato prices, which had got out of control and burdened people in Karnataka especially, in the capital city, fell dramatically in Bengaluru on Saturday as supplies from other parts of the country increased.

A 15kg box of tomatoes cost ₹400-600, down from an all-time high of ₹3,100 a few days ago. On Saturday, the price of one kilogram of tomato in the retail market was around ₹50-70, down from ₹110-130 five days ago.

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While the price drop has brought relief to citizens who are already suffering as a result of skyrocketing fuel prices, many people have been left wondering; How did tomato prices crash?

‘Prices of tomato shot up due to the heavy rainfall in tomato-growing districts around Bengaluru such as Kolar and Chikkaballapur and the neighboring areas of Tamil Nadu,’ said those monitoring vegetable prices.

The price of a 15kg box reached ₹1,400-1,600 before quickly rising to over ₹3,000 due to a lack of supply in the market.

Tomato auction videos shot by a few market participants went viral, grabbing the attention of tomato-growing farmers in north Karnataka districts, as well as neighboring states like Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

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Many traders and growers diverted their produce to the Bengaluru market in the hope of getting a higher price, and as a result, supply increased and the market experienced price correction.

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