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Rubber Board launch campaign to reform RPSs with youngsters’ involvement

Rubber Board launches campaign to reform RPSs with young involvement

Rubber Board launches campaign to reform RPSs with youngsters’ involvement

The Rubber Board has launched a campaign titled ‘Reformation of Rubber Producer Societies (RPSs) through Youth Involvement’ with the goal of bringing dynamic changes to the activities of RPSs.

The mass contact programs in traditional rubber-growing areas and the North-Eastern regions are intended to run until February 28, 2023. During this time, the Board plans to engage 20,000 farmers through 1,000 sessions held across the country.

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At campaign events, topics like young people taking part in RPS activities, modernizing rubber farming, e-trading, and more will be talked about. The Board believes that involving youngsters in RPS leadership can bring about dynamic changes in the RPSs’ activities.

Adapting to the times

According to KN Raghavan, Executive Director of the Rubber Board, RPSs are the vehicles used by the Rubber Board to coordinate activities at the level of rubber growers. RPSs have provided excellent service to the sector over the last three decades, but there is a need for them to evolve with the times.

This includes using IT technologies and electronic ways to do business, being proactive about putting untapped plantations to work, organizing tappers, and making sure they get paid correctly and on time.

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There is also a chance for producers to make more money by taking advantage of problems caused by climate change and related issues like carbon credits and sustainability certification, which Rubber Board has already started to deal with. This will also be accomplished through the use of RPS.

To achieve all of these goals, more young people must enter the field of rubber growing and RPS management. The goal of the campaign is to make farmers more aware of this issue and get more young people involved in RPS activities, he said.

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