Punjab Govt raises weather damage crop loss compensation

Punjab Govt raises weather damage crop loss compensation

The government of Punjab has increased the compensation for crop loss due to weather damage.

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann met with government officials to talk about how to help farmers who lost crops due to bad weather.

In North India, the bad weather caused a lot of damage to crops. Farmers in many districts of Punjab had their crops destroyed, so they sought financial assistance to make up for it.

Along with other officials, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann went to the crop fields to look at the damage to the crops. After he looked at the crops, he met with the government officials.

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CM Bhagwant Mann posted a video on his personal Twitter account saying, ‘We have changed how the previous government paid compensation. Unlike the previous government, we will not only announce compensation, but also pay it.’ We won’t only give out checks for ₹54 or ₹111, but farmers will get fair compensation on time and in a clear way, he said.

CM Bhagwant Mann said that before, a 75% to 100% loss was worth ₹12,000, but now it will be worth ₹15,000. Before, people who lost 33% to 50% of their income got ₹5400, but now they will get ₹6750. Taking it to CMO Punjab’s Twitter, he said, ‘The workers will get 10% as compensation, and  ₹95,100 will be paid for full house damage and ₹5,200 for minor house damage. The state government will soon start a crop insurance scheme for farmers.’

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