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PM Modi says the Agri industry requires a post-harvest transformation

"Post harvest transformation PM Modi"

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the Agri industry, which has seen a growth in output, requires a “post-harvest transformation.”

Despite the enormous obstacles posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, Modi stated that industrious farmers had produced a record amount of commodities.

‘With constantly rising agricultural production, there is a need for post-harvest transformation and value addition,’ Modi said in a statement read out at an event sponsored by the state-run institution to honor the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development‘s (NABARD) foundation day.

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‘To accomplish this, we are working tirelessly to increase our speed and scalability. We have taken extensive steps to obtain a holistic solution, from irrigation through sowing, harvesting, and technologically enabled earnings’ He continued.

The union government passed three new farm regulations last year, but their implementation has been delayed due to farmer protests. However, in January of this year, the Supreme Court suspended the application of the three laws until further rulings were issued, and a four-member panel was formed to settle the impasse. Modi has promised to more than treble farmers’ wages by 2022.

The Prime Minister stated that the government’s priority is to encourage young and foster agricultural-related companies.

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‘We are providing impulsion to create a scientific environment, accelerate growth following village needs and expectations, and alter the agricultural industry of the economy through a comprehensive approach,’ he added.

The Prime Minister stated that a self-sufficient rural economy is required for ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat,’ or self-sufficient India and that the government has taken substantial steps in that direction during the last seven years.

He stated that the administration is committed to empowering close to 12 crore small farmers and assisting them in becoming the driving force of the rural economy.

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