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Popularize good package of practices for production of quality spices

Popularize good package of practices for production of quality spices
Popularize good package of practices for production of quality spices

In order to enhance the availability of high-quality spices for domestic and industrial use, the international symposium on spices has recommended the development and implementation of good agricultural package practices and their popularization among the farming community.

The four-day symposium, concluded at the ICAR-Indian Institute of Spice Research, also recommended the introduction of good manufacturing practices to ensure clean and hygienic spices. GAP can also improve the export of spices, a virtual meeting has been observed.

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce should work together to improve the spice sector, ” says scientists, and recommended studies on carbon emissions for spices and proper trade information management for the spice industry. They stressed the importance of cooperation between institutions and countries in developing technology sharing and policy compatibility in addressing trade related problems in spice sector.

Based on the discussion and review, the melting of the suggested evidence and analytical data were based on the development of nutraceuticals from spices. It emphasized the need for a database on quality parameters of contaminants and adulterant raw materials to maintain the safety and effectiveness of nutraceutical preparations.

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The scientist team has prepared a set of recommendations for the processing of spices and the addition of value. It comprises the large-scale implementation of mechanization for harvesting and post-harvesting operations and the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises for quality spice product lines; the significance of regulatory requirements for processed spice product categories and the need for policy guidelines for the exporters and importers of spices in processing industries.

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Both these recommendations include a research on the role of spices in personalized nutrition and the importance of various genomic breeding techniques to biotic and abiotic stress management. The importance of the reference genome for important spice crops and collaborative effort with private AI players for crop, pest and disease management also were highlighted.

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