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PM Modi told the G7 that India’s Agri expertise could ensure food security

PM Modi told the G7 that India's Agri expertise could ensure food security

PM Modi told the G7 that India’s Agri expertise could ensure food security.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi informed the G7 that India’s agricultural expertise could be used to ensure food security and urged the group to ensure regular fertilizer supplies, which have been interrupted by the conflict in Ukraine. He urged an end to the conflict through dialogue, emphasizing the global impact of the war.

‘Can the G7 develop a system to facilitate the widespread use of Indian agricultural talent in its member states?’ Monday, the Prime Minister stated during a session on food security held alongside the G7 summit in Germany. G7 countries’ food security will be ensured with the assistance of Indian farmers’ traditional skills.

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Modi reiterated that dialogue was necessary to end the Ukraine conflict. He stated, ‘We are meeting in an atmosphere of global tension. India has always advocated for peace. Even in the current circumstance, we have consistently advocated dialogue and diplomacy. This geopolitical tension has repercussions outside of Europe. All nations are impacted by the rising costs of energy and staple foods. The energy and security of developing nations are especially vulnerable.’

He proposed that the G7 develop a structured system for utilizing India’s agricultural expertise. He sought the G7’s assistance in maintaining the fertilizer supply chain’s efficiency. He stated, ‘We are attempting to increase the production of fertilizers in India and are seeking G7 cooperation in this regard.’

Modi noted India’s vast agricultural labor force in comparison to the G7 nations. He stated that Indian agricultural expertise had helped revitalize traditional agricultural products such as cheese and olive in some G7 nations.

In addition, he drew attention to India’s natural farming revolution. ‘Your specialists can analyze this experiment. We have distributed a non-paper on this topic to everyone, ‘Modi said. Millets, according to the Prime Minister, are a way to ensure food security.

The following year will be the International Year of Millets, he said. ‘On this occasion, we should promote a nutrient-dense alternative, such as millets. Millets can contribute significantly to ensuring global food security.’

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The prime minister noted that India had supplied food grains to numerous countries in need, including approximately 35,000 tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan as humanitarian aid over the past few months. Following the recent earthquake, India was the first nation to deliver aid supplies. Modi added, ‘We are also assisting our neighbor Sri Lanka in ensuring food security.’

Foreign secretary Vinay Kwatra told reporters, ‘It was quite evident from the body language and camaraderie of leaders with Prime Minister Narendra Modi that India is viewed as a solution provider by all.’

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