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PM Modi launched 100 ‘Kisan drones’ for spraying pesticides in farm across country

PM Modi launched 100 'Kisan drones' for spraying pesticides in farm across Country
Image credit - ANI

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 100 ‘Kisan drones’ in various regions of the nation for spraying pesticides, he expressed optimism that India’s developing competence in the drone industry will provide the world with new leadership.

On Friday, PM Modi launched the drones, which officials described as a ‘very new and interesting project’ for farmers in the country. Also Read | ‘Mission Uttar Pradesh’ How can farmers afford drones if they aren’t getting basic prices for their produce? : SKM

The prime minister stated in his speech that India is preparing for a new culture of drone start-ups. Their numbers will soon be reached thousands, up from over 200 presently, resulting in a tremendous increase in job prospects.

Modern agriculture

He stated that his government will guarantee that there are no barriers to the sector’s development and that various reforms and policy measures have already been implemented to support its growth.

‘This is an illustration of how far the country can rise if policies are implemented correctly,’ he continued.

This is a new chapter in delivering contemporary farming facilities in the twenty-first century, and it will not only be a great milestone in the growth of the drone industry, but it will also offer up unlimited possibilities, he added.

‘Revolutionary change’ 

The prime minister stated that his administration did not waste time worrying about opening up the drone business, but instead trusted India’s youthful potential and proceeded with a fresh approach. He stated that his administration prioritized innovation and technology in the Budget and policy actions.

Noting that drones have a wide range of applications, Modi stated that they have been employed in the ‘Swamitva Yojana,’ which aims to create a record of land ownership in villages as well as deliver medicines and vaccines.

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He claims that ‘Kisan drones’ represent the start of a new revolution. Farmers will be able to deploy high-capacity drones in the future to carry their goods such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers to markets in record time, increasing their income.