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PM Modi chaired meeting to review wheat stock, supply, exports situation in country

PM Modi chaired meeting reviewed wheat supply, stock, exports situation in country
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PM Modi chaired a meeting and reviewed the wheat supply, stock, and exports situation in the country

A day after the Union government revised downward its forecasts for wheat production and procurement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the supply, stock, and exports situation in the country and directed officials to ensure that quality norms and standards are maintained so that India can be considered “an assured source” of foodgrains and other agricultural products in the future.

The meeting on Thursday showed the effectiveness the government attaches on wheat export because it was held only a few hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in the nation after finishing a three-day tour of Europe.

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Modi has already projected India as a destination with the potential to feed the whole world population. The Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, advisors, the Cabinet Secretary, and secretaries from the Ministries of Food and Agriculture were also present at the meeting.

During a meeting to review various areas of wheat supply, stock, and exports, the Prime Minister was given a detailed presentation on the concerns by officials from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.

According to the statement, he was briefed on the impact of high temperatures during the months of March and April on crop output, and the status of wheat procurement and export was also assessed. Modi directed officials to provide the utmost level of support possible to farmers.

The importance of quality standards is emphasized

According to the statement, in light of the increasing demand for Indian agricultural products, the Prime Minister asked that all steps be done to ensure quality norms and standards so that India can emerge as a reliable source of foodgrain and other agricultural products.

He was also given an overview of the current domestic market rates in various locations, which are advantageous to the farming community.

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The government announced on May 4 that wheat procurement is expected to total 19.5 million tonnes (mt), and that the stockpile will be 8 million tonnes (mt) before the start of the following season on April 1, which is higher than the buffer norm of 7.5 million tonnes (mt). It also lowered its forecast for current-year production to 105 million tonnes from the 111.3 million tonnes predicted in February.

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