Orange Oil Biosolution co-distributing partnership by UPL, Oro Agri

Orange Oil Biosolution co-distributing partnership by UPL, Oro Agri

Orange Oil Biosolution co-distributing partnership by UPL, Oro Agri.

UPL Limited, (formerly United Phosphorus Limited) a firm that provides sustainable agricultural solutions, has entered into a partnership agreement with Oro Agri, a division of Rovensa, a company that provides sustainable agricultural inputs, for the purpose of co-distributing and developing the biosolution Orange Oil.

Orange Oil was developed by Oro Agri as a biosolution that leaves no residue behind and has fungicidal, insecticidal, and acaricidal properties. Also Read | Traditional agrochemical companies banking on natural, biochemical solutions sector.

Orange Oil is available in more than 140 different crop and pest combinations, and it is registered in more than 30 countries.

Beginning in the new year, UPL will begin co-distributing the bioprotection formulation of 60 g/L single Orange Oil that was developed by Oro Agri. Oro Agri will continue to supply its current clients, while UPL will reach new markets and customer bases by utilising its global distribution network.

Additionally, UPL and Oro Agri have agreed to work together to create, register, and market new and current Orange Oil compositions.

This partnership is a cornerstone of UPL’s ongoing commitment to OpenAg’s mission to develop a collaborative global network inside the sector and beyond. Also Read | Why not use Pusa-Bio Decomposer? Experts divided on cash incentives to farmers.

The chief executive officer of Rovensa, Eric van Innis, stated that the collaboration with UPL will extend the global reach of the company’s main goods.

According to Mike Frank, President and Chief Operating Officer of UPL, the collaboration with Oro Agri illustrates the expanding strength of the biosolutions sector as well as the prospects it presents.

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