Opposition slams ‘One Nation One Fertilizer’ calls it ‘self-promotional’ policy

Opposition slams 'One Nation One Fertilizer' calls it a 'self-promotional' policy.

Opposition slams ‘One Nation One Fertilizer’ calling it a ‘self-promotional’ policy

On Wednesday, August 24, the Union Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers issued a memo announcing the implementation of the ‘One Nation One Fertiliser’ scheme. Under this scheme, all fertilizer manufacturers will be required to use a single brand and logo for fertilizers under the Centre’s fertilizer subsidy scheme, which has been renamed as a Prime Minister’s scheme ‘Pradhanmantri Bhartiya Janurvarak Pariyojna‘ (PMBJP).

Congress slammed the news as a method for the Prime Minister to promote himself, dubbing it the ‘One Nation, One Man, One Fertilizer’ program. Party leaders also questioned how the policy would benefit farmers and whether it would prevent fertilizer businesses from conducting extension efforts because they would be selling under a single official brand name.

What exactly is the ‘One Nation, One Fertilizer’ program?

All fertilizer companies, State Trading Entities (STEs), and Fertiliser Marketing Entities (FMEs) will be forced to use a single ‘Bharat’ brand and logo under the PMBJP scheme.

According to the Ministry’s order ‘The single fertilizer brand name for UREA, DAP, MOP, and NPK, etc. would be BHARAT UREA, BHARAT DAP, BHARAT MOP, and BHARAT NPK, etc. for all Fertiliser Companies, State Trading Entities (STEs), and Fertiliser Marketing Entities (FMEs),’ The document details the revised packaging criteria for businesses.

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The new ‘Bharat’ brand name and PMBJP emblem will span two-thirds of the fertilizer packet’s front.
On the remaining one-third space, the manufacturing brands can only display their name, logo, and other information.

The government has also instructed fertilizer firms not to purchase old design bags after September 15, with the new bags being rolled out under One Nation One Fertiliser beginning on October 2. The order also stated that the corporations would have four months to remove the outdated packaging from the market.

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