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One-Country-One-Seed licence policy, save farmers from spurious seeds: NSAI

Need to bring standard system one-country-one-seed licence policy - Seed Firms
Image: NSAI

Need to bring standard system one-country-one-seed licence policy: Seed Firms.

Members of the National Seed Association of India (NSAI) have stated that there is a need to bring about a standard system of seed licensure in the country by adopting a one-country-one-seed licence policy. This is in response to a question posed by another member of the NSAI.

They were of the opinion that distinct licences may be issued to research and development-oriented enterprises so that they could operate their seed businesses unfettered in the various states.

At the annual general meeting (AGM)of the apex seed association, there were a few attendees who shared the opinion that the Seed (Control) Order, 1983, ought to be modified in order to incorporate these provisions. These attendees felt that this was necessary.

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An executive from the NSAI shared their opinion that ‘several of the professionals that attended the seminar felt that some of the things that the Government might consider sanctioning to increase the yields that have remained stagnant for years.’

‘Herbicide Tolerant Cotton, often known as Ht Cotton, has already been evaluated in the form of controlled field trials. According to him, ‘It may be fast raced for environmental release so that the quality of the legally certified Ht cotton can be managed under the existing Seed (Control) Order.’ This is possible.

He stated that by doing this, farmers will be able to protect themselves from purchasing fraudulent cotton seeds. Also Read | No GM rice licensed for commercial production in India & that is not exported.

The association’s 16th Annual General Meeting served as the occasion for the seminar, which featured discussions on a variety of issues currently confronting the sector.

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