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NISM offers e-learning program in commodity warehousing

NISM offers e-learning certificate program in modern commodity warehousing

NISM offers an e-learning certificate program in modern commodity warehousing.

The National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) has started an online degree program in commodities warehousing to help meet the need for skilled and specialized human resources workers who can handle the functional complexity of the modern warehousing business.

According to an institute news release, the e-learning certificate program is being offered by NISM as an integrated self-paced learning course that eventually fulfils the desire of the warehousing business in order to improve standards of professionalism in Indian commodity warehousing.

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The training will assist meet the requirement for a strong push toward modern and scientific storage at a time when the commodity warehousing business is poised for exponential growth in tandem with the rise of the food processing industry.

Assist with all functions

‘It is a one-of-a-kind programme that will train participants to handle all functions related to warehousing, including transportation, storage, price stabilisation, risk mitigation, financing, grading, packing, soft skill development, and application of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, surveillance and security systems, development of process tracking systems, and operation optimization,’ according to the release.

Apart from strengthening the abilities of workers working with corporations and other entities in the commodities warehousing arena, the training would be beneficial to persons with an entrepreneurial mindset who want to develop warehousing facilities.

‘This programme will provide warehousing companies with an appropriate supply of qualified workers and support the commodity industry with well-developed supply networks empowering processors and farmers, NISM Director CKG Nair said at the course’s launch. NISM’s certified commodity warehouse personnel, who are well-versed in risk management, compliance, and best practices in scientific commodity storage, may successfully contribute to the commodities’ widespread financialisation.’

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‘NISM has created this e-learning course in its objectives to contribute to the growth of Indian commodity markets, which are becoming more open, enabling the creation of efficient value chains,’ stated Sunil Kadam, Registrar, NISM.

Registration and course information are accessible at

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