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New product to combat ‘yellow stem borer’ in rice will be launched: Corteva

New product to combat yellow stem borer in rice will be launched - Corteva

A new product to combat yellow stem borer in rice will be launched. Corteva

Corteva Agriscience has announced the launch of a crop protection solution formulated using Seed Application Technology to assist farmers in combating yellow stem borer in rice. It also enables improved germination and uniform plant growth.

‘We have submitted for the required certification in order to launch the product in the Indian market,’ said Rahoul Sawani, President (South Asia) of Coreteva Agriscience, which was a significant agricultural arm of DowDuPont before being split off as a separate company in 2018.

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He said the firm strived to produce solutions that ensured every seed yielded greater yield and crop protection goods with less active chemicals, as he demonstrated the solution at the company’s R&D center here on Tuesday. ‘Food chain resilience is highly crucial,’ he said.

He stated that the seed application method ensures integrated pest and crop control with an emphasis on reducing inputs.

The US-based company, which provides crop protection products and seeds, employs over 2,000 people in the country and operates three production and manufacturing sites as well as five research and development centers.

According to the corporation, the next solution would make paddy seedling protection easier and would safeguard yields by 3-5 percent. It claims that the number of sprays applied throughout the crop’s life will be greatly reduced.

The company has created a machine that can apply a proprietary chemical compound developed around the paddy seed in a regular manner.

‘Unlike the human process in which farmers apply coating on seeds, our machine evenly distributes the insecticide around the seed,’ a company executive explained.

According to Prasanta Patra, Regional Commercialisation and Business Lead of Corteva Agriscience’s Seed Applied Technologies Portfolio (Asia Pacific region), targeted crop protection technology use has proven to be advantageous in a variety of ways. It would not only ensure the efficient use of chemicals, but it would also reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

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‘It is a simple method that protects rice seedlings from yellow stem borer damage and has proven to be effective.’ This provides the seed with comprehensive protection at its most susceptible period and may boost production potential,’ a firm executive explained.

‘Seed treatments improve seed and plant health and germination rates.’ They defend plants from the beginning, when they are most vulnerable to insects and illnesses. ‘Seed treatments also help to reduce a farmer’s environmental imprint,’ he added.

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