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Nano fertilisers improve plant nutrient utilisation: Sameer Goel

Nano fertilisers improve plant nutrient utilisation -Sameer Goel.

According to Mr. Sameer Goel, Managing Director of Coromandel International Ltd., nano fertilisers improve plant nutrient utilisation.

At a meeting called ‘Effective use of nano fertilisers in agriculture,’ which was put on by an agri-solutions company, Coromandel International Ltd. and the Indian Institute of Rice Research (ICAR), Goel said that because erosion and pollution are causing agricultural land to shrink, it is important to increase agricultural production to meet the growing population’s need for food.

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‘Research over the past few years has shown that nano fertilisers make it easier for plants to use nutrients, reduce the negative effects of using too much chemical fertiliser, and cut down on how often fertiliser needs to be applied. Farmers need nanofertilizers so they don’t have to use too many chemicals to get a bigger harvest,’ he said.

At the meeting, people talked about how nanofertilizers are better than traditional fertilisers for increasing crop yields and making better use of nutrients.

A statement says that nano products can also be used to keep perishable fruits and vegetables fresh, control diseases and pests, and analyze soil and nutrients.

At the conclave, people talked about nanotechnology and agriculture, climate-smart nanofertilizers, aligning farming with the ecosystem and climate change, nanoscale materials, the synthesis and characterization of nano particles specific to nano DAP, and the nano nutrient uptake mechanism and how it affects field crops.

After the talks, a panel talked about the importance and use of nano fertilisers in agriculture right now. Also Read | Coromandel Intl Limited’s VC arm, Dare Ventures to invest in String Bio.

The statement said that there were 87 delegates at the conclave. They included scientists from agricultural universities and ICAR institutes as well as mid-level and senior-level workers from the industry.

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