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If you are Millet lover and shifted to it recently? get variety of choices online

If you are Millet lover and shifted to it recently get variety of choices online

If you are a millet lover and shifted to it recently but thinking where to get the right one? Here’s good option. The International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) has started an online search facility to assist the millet lovers view and get from variety of choices available on web.

Technology,  sustainability and promotion

The ‘Millet Finder’ is a online space out there on the ‘SmartFood’ web page. SmartFood technology enabled platform is an ICRISAT launch to promote and sale the healthy millet food in various category. The online Shop currently gives full details on about 500 products from 30 Nations. “Another 500 products found and are in pipeline to be added to the list,” motioned an ICRISAT official.

“Carefully compiled product database will be automated by means of AI technology and enable to access information through an interactive mobile app, which can guide anyone across the globe find nearest shop or eating place selling millets, compare and check out products ingredients and much more,” told Mr. Parkavi Kumar, lead creator of Millet Finder, Smart Food initiative, ICRISAT.

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“Unless there is a buyers demand and pull to diversify millet diets, farms cannot go diversify and agriculture cannot be sustainable as desired. By diversifying our staples food habits, we can have a huge effects on diets, farms and the environment,” mentioned Jacqueline d’Arros Hughes, the Director-General of ICRISAT, and Chair person, Smart Food Executive Council.

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