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Maharashtra introduced its own Agri Export Policy to promote export agri commodities

Maharashtra introduced its own Agril Export Policy to promot exporting agri commodities

Maharashtra introduced its own Agri Export Policy to promote export Agri commodities

Maharashtra government on Friday has introduced the state’s Agriculture Export Policy (AEP), which would promote the export of 21 agricultural commodities.

In December 2018, the Indian government released its Agriculture Export Policy, instructing state governments to develop their own policies. As a result, the state administration formed a committee in May 2019 to write the policy.

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Inconsistency in Policy

Anoop Kumar, Maharashtra’s chief secretary (Cooperation and Marketing), stated in a speech to agricultural export chain stakeholders ‘We must prioritize exports since they may enhance farmers’ net income by 40 to 45 percent. The domestic markets have little potential to give growers with remunerative earnings.’

According to Kumar, the main criticism of international buyers of state goods is the state’s rapid changes in export policy, which decreases the trustworthiness of Indian exporters. ‘The central government should not disrupt the export chain since it takes years to re-establish client relations. We have lost faith in the world market, which has a negative impact on farmers.’

Suraj Mandhare, the district collector of Nashik, a key onion exporting region, emphasized the inconsistency in India’s onion export policies during the last decade. ‘India imposed the minimum export price (ME), the necessary floor price legally binding on exporters, 34 times between December 2010 and December 2020. During the same time span, export was prohibited four times’ Mandhare stated.

Promotion of 21 commodities for export

Orange, Grapes, Banana, pomegranate, sweet lime, onion, cashew, Alphonso Mango, Kesar Mango, floriculture, raisin, vegetables, non-Basmati rice, pulses and oilseeds, jaggery, cereals, spices (red chilli and turmeric), dairy products, fisheries, and animal products are among the 21 commodity-specific clusters identified by the Maharashtra government for export promotion.

India is now world’s largest exporter of cucumber, gherkins worth $223 million FY-21

Some of the activities envisaged under the AEP include the development of infrastructure, the export of organic products, the export of products registered under Geographical Indication, the development of sea protocols and trial consignments, the hiring of international consultants for post-harvest management, the declaration of pest-free zones for certain products, and the implementation of an effective traceability system.

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