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ISRO proposes ‘Bharat Krishi Satellite’ a dedicated satellites Agri industry

ISRO proposes 'Bharat Krishi Satellite' a dedicated satellites Agri industry
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ISRO proposes ‘Bharat Krishi Satellite’ a dedicated satellite Agri industry

The head of the Indian space agency, S. Somanath, said here on Thursday that the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) wants to use satellites to help the country’s agriculture industry.

The proposed ‘Bharat Krishi Satellite’ program has been talked about with India’s Department of Agriculture, Mr. Somanath said at the Engineers Conclave 2022, which is taking place at the Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC) in Valiyamala.

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Mr. Somanath said that at least two satellites will be needed to make sure that all of the country’s agricultural land is covered well. They will help with a wide range of farming tasks, such as crop forecasting, the use of pesticides, irrigation, soil data, and the collection of important data about drought.

‘The yield of a crop doesn’t happen in a week; it happens over a few months. So you need to keep an eye on things. Today, we don’t have enough satellites. So you need to put up more satellites with a high ability to come back. Mr. Somanath said, ‘We said we would do that.’ He also said that ISRO, not the Department of Agriculture, would own the satellites. ISRO will help with technical issues.

Suggested ‘Earth Observation Council’

The head of ISRO has suggested that an ‘Earth Observation Council’ be set up to fix the problems with earth observation and how data is used right now. He said that a centralized council like this could help fix problems in this area.

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Mr. Somanath said that current problems include a break in earth observation missions, a lack of use of available remote sensing data, gaps in technology, and the lack of a streamlined way to process and share data, which is what the industry needs.

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