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Intellecap, TRIF launch platform for promotion of circularity in agri sector

Intellecap, TRIF launch platform for the promotion of circularity in agriculture

To help address the challenges faced by smallholder farmers, businesses and consumers, the Intellecap and Transform Rural India Foundation (TRIF) today announced the launch of IAFS-CAP, a platform to promote circularity in the production, processing and distribution of agricultural products such as food, fibre, and fuel.

Circularity in agriculture is about optimizing the system and is based on four basic principles—arable land should be used primarily for the production of plant biomass for human consumption; by-products from food production, processing and consumption should be recycled back into the food system; principles of regenerative agriculture should be adopted and, finally, low trophic level consumption should be promoted.

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The IAFS-CAPS platform seeks to operationalize 6-7 projects across the nation impacting 1,000,000 farmers, a number of businesses and consumers, while scaling up at least three innovations in technology and business models within three years in the agricultural and food sector circularity segment, Intellecap said in a press release.

The platform will help channel funds for circular technologies and business models, help them to provide proof of concept, curate and scale pilots to further the circularity agenda in the agriculture and food sector in India.

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In addition, the platform will also be able to undertake in-depth research and advocacy to identify best practices, ecosystem gaps and ways to stimulate demand for circular food in the country.

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