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Insecticide India launches fungicide ‘Stunner’ to fight Downy Mildew in grapes

Insecticide India launches fungicide 'Stunner' to fight Downy Mildew in grapes

Insecticide India launches fungicide ‘Stunner’ to fight Downy Mildew in grapes

Insecticides (India) Limited (IIL) has come out with a fungicide called ‘Stunner’ to fight the grape disease called ‘Downy Mildew.’ Farmers suffer significant financial losses as a result of the fungal disease Downy Mildew, which kills 20%-80% of grape vines and reduces grape quality.

‘This kind of technology and formula are being made for the first time in India. For our farmers to grow grapes successfully, they needed a fungicide. Until now, most of the fungicide formulations they used were imported. But because we believe in the ‘Make in India’ initiative, we took this step, and now we have Stunner for the first time in India,’ Rajesh Aggarwal, Managing Director of Insecticides (India) Ltd, said in a statement.

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Western Maharashtra, especially the cities of Nashik, Baramati, Sangli, Narayangaon, Solapur, and Satara, will have the most potential customers. ‘We are thrilled that this one-of-a-kind formula will help farmers who were having trouble with the disease Downy Mildew. Sanjay Vats, Vice President of Insecticides (India) Limited, said,’ ‘Stunner works by turning on the plant’s defences against the fungus.’

‘IIL has a strong presence in the Maharashtra market, and farmers love our Sofia, Monocil, Hercules, and Lethal Gold products. With the release of new products like Stunner, Shinwa, and Izuki, we will be able to give farmers a complete solution that is within their reach,’ said N. B. Deshmukh, DGM – Marketing, Insecticides (India) Limited.

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