India rabi crops sowing up by 620,62 lakh Ha, 4.4% more than last year

India rabi crops sowing up by 620,62 lakh Ha, 4.4% more than last year

India rabi crops sowing up by 620,62 lakh Ha, 4.4% more than last year

As of Friday, farmers in India had planted rabi crops on 620,62 lakh hectares, which is 4.4% more than the same time last year. This is according to data from the Union Farm Ministry. At this time last year, the total land area was 594,62 lakh hectares.

All crops are getting more land to grow on, but wheat is getting the most. All rabi crops have grown by 25.99 lakh hectares, and wheat has grown from 302.61 lakh hectares to 312.26 lakh hectares.

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Even though rabi crops are still being planted, wheat has been planted on more land this year (312.26 acres) than usual (304.47) and on more land than was planted altogether last year (304.70 acres).

The agriculture ministry said that the increase in wheat area is good news for India’s food security and the world’s wheat supply because of the war between Russia and Ukraine. This year, a record amount of wheat is also expected to be grown.

In the group of oilseeds, rapeseed and mustard have done the most to increase the oilseed area this Rabi season.

From 85.35 lakh hectares in 2021–22 to 92.67 lakh hectares in 2022–23, mustard land grew by 7.32 lakh hectares. Only rapeseed and mustard made up 7.32 lakh hectares of the 8.20 lakh hectare increase in the area where oilseeds were grown.

In a statement released on Friday, the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare said that the Special Mustard Mission, which has been going on for the past two years, is the main reason why farmers are once again interested in growing mustard.

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The ministry said that some of the things that were done to increase agricultural production and productivity were to make sure that quality seeds were delivered on time, among other things. These things have helped to explain why the rabi crop area has grown so much this year.

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