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COP27: India says developed countries impeding pro-poor & pro-farmer

COP27- India says developed countries impeding pro-poor & pro-farmer

COP27: India says developed countries impeding pro-poor & pro-farmer

India says that industrialized countries are getting in the way of a solution that would help the poor and farmers because they want to include agriculture in the mitigation plan.

Sources say that India is against the plans of the developed countries at the United Nations climate summit going on right now in Egypt to include agriculture in their plans for mitigating climate change. India says that rich countries don’t want to change their lifestyles to cut emissions and are instead ‘looking for cheaper solutions abroad.’

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Concerned about the draft decision text for the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture, India said that developed countries are stopping a decision that would help the poor and farmers by asking for more mitigation in agriculture. This, according to a member of the Indian delegation, would threaten the very foundation of global food security.

India made it clear that the world is in the middle of a climate crisis because the industrialized world has released too much pollution over time. ‘These countries are unable to cut their emissions at home through any meaningful change in their lifestyles. Rather, they are looking for cheaper alternatives in other countries,’ it said.

Most farming in developing countries is done by small, poor farmers who work hard and have to deal with harsh weather, changing weather patterns, and the stress of climate change.

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“By trying to expand mitigation to include agriculture, rich countries want farms, lands, and seascapes around the world to help offset their wasteful and excessive emissions,” India said.

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