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Hydroponic farming roots opportunities in India


The organic farming has been making noise since few year and people are getting edified by the social media as how to consume pesticide free foods. Families especially, the Urban families keens to be safe and striving to grow their own vegetables in their kitchen garden but has disappointed due to lack of space. Hydroponic farming is proving to be the most attractive proposition.

This new farming concept is not only households dearer, but many farmers and agri business start us have taken  hydroponic farming (also known as soil-less farming), where the vegetables are plants grow in a nutrient-rich solution in a limited space systematically.

“Though it is a new way of farming in the country and a niche market in the farming system, has spread across quickly to a many States and tier 1 cities such as Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, and also scattered parts of Gujarat. The main idea this farming is to cultivate vegetables using technology,” mentioned Mr. Sreehari Ambuluri, founder and CEO of Hyderabad-based Plantaerie, which is engaged on sustainable hydroponics farming food growth systems.

According to Mr. Ambuluri, hydroponics farming has TWO major advantages One, zero use of pesticides and Second, guaranteed crop. But noted that it is more expensive. Kits for household cost about Rs. 8,000, but for the large-scale farming system requires a bigger capital investment of Rs. 30 lakh to 40 lakh for setting up in 1 acre to 1.5 acres of land.

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