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Horticultural production greatest ever of 329.86mt in 2020-21, 2.93% increase

"Horticulture production increased at record in 2020-21"

As per the Ministry of Agriculture‘s second advance estimate of horticultural production, India is predicted to have the greatest ever horticulture production of 329.86 million tonnes in 2020-21, a 2.93% increase over the previous year.

Vegetables, spices, medicinal, and aromatic crops have all seen an increase in production. The Floriculture sector has been struck the most by the pandemic, with output falling by 7.17 percent.

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Fruit output is expected to be 102.76 million tonnes this year, up from 102.08 million tonnes in 2019-20, while vegetable production is expected to be 196.27 million tonnes, up 4.42 percent from 188.28 million tonnes in the previous year.

Onion production is expected to reach 26.92 million tonnes, up from 26.09 million tonnes in 2019-20. ‘Potato output is expected to increase by 10.55 percent to 53.69 mt in 2019-20, up from 48.56 mt in 2019-20.’ According to a government publication, tomato production is expected to be 21.00 mt, up from 20.55 mt in 2019-20.

The demand for healthier cuisine has increased the total consumption of spices in the country as well as in India’s export markets. This has increased spice production. ‘Aromatic and medicinal crops have increased by 6.11 percent this year, with an expected production of 0.78 million tonnes compared to 0.73 million tonnes in 2019-20.’

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Plantation crop production grew to 16.60 million tonnes from 16.12 million tonnes the previous year. ‘In the year 2020-21, spice output climbed by 3.93 percent to 10.54 million tonnes, up from 10.14 million tonnes last year,’ according to the announcement. The floriculture industry has been the hardest damaged by the epidemic, with global flower production down 7.17 percent from a year ago.

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