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Help young entrepreneurs in the Agri sector to get finance : Vice President to Banks

Help young entrepreneurs in the Agri sector to get finance - Vice President to Banks
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Help young entrepreneurs in the Agri sector to get finance: Vice President to Banks

Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu has asked banks and other financial organizations to help young entrepreneurs in the primary sector get money.

‘Young college graduates should think about starting their own businesses to make more jobs. They should get loans and encouragement from banks and other financial institutions,’ he said.

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He was talking to students after presenting them Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Agri-Business Management) degrees at the fourth Graduation Ceremony of the National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (NAARM) here in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Even though we have food security, the Vice President warned that we shouldn’t get too comfortable with food production because the world’s population is growing. ‘The number of people is going up. ‘We also have to be able to feed the whole world,’ he said.

He said that it was important for researchers and policymakers to make agriculture more resistant to climate change because it was facing problems like climate change, soil health, pests, and diseases.

‘We need to spend more on research and development in agriculture. Right now, less than 1% of our budget goes to this. ‘This needs to go up,’ he said.

He told the young graduates that they would be able to find solutions to the problems of farmers if they went to villages and saw the problems for themselves.

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He said that farmers could get better prices if they had up-to-date information about the prices of commodities in different markets. He also talked about how agricultural commodities did differently in different markets, which hurt farmers.

The academic programs

So far, the institute has had 12 batches from 2009-2010 to 2020-2020, and 334 students have finished the course. Director of NAARM Ch Srinivasa Rao said that there were 57 students in the current class (2021-23), with 29 boys and 28 girls.

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The two-year residential program has six trimesters and 100 credits worth of coursework. The courses include a 6- to an 8-week internship during the summer.

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