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Heavy rains, hailstorms struck standing rabi crops, Onion and grapevine

Heavy rains, hailstorms struck standing rabi crops, Onion and grapevine

Heavy rains and hailstorms have struck standing rabi crops, including wheat and jowar, in parts of Maharashtra state. Onion cultivation and onion seed plots have been also damaged, while grapes gardens in the Sangli and Nashik regions have suffered severe damage. The state has received heavy rainfall and hailstorms in the last two days.

This year, more than 59 lakh hectares of land are under Rabi season cultivation in state. As per the State Department of Agriculture, cereal crops such as wheat and jowar were ready for harvesting and, in some areas, harvesting has already taken place.

Serious damage to rabi crop production has been confirmed from the Marathwada region. Onion seed plots throughout Jalna have been totally damaged. In Nanded district, turmeric growers said because of the a hailstorm, the majority of the standing crop was lost.

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According to the Tasgaon (Sangli) farmers, the vineyards were severely damaged, while in Vidarbha the orange and mosambi plantations were destroyed. The quality of the grapes will be affected by unseasonal rains, according to grape growers in Nashik district. Budding mango flowers have been affected in several parts of the Konkan areas.

State agriculture department officials have said that the government is evaluating the damages, and it will be submitted to district agri department officials.

Massive rainfall harmed the Kharif crops as well in October of last year. Kharif crops spread over 50 lakh hectares were estimated by the state government to have been destroyed.

Soybean and Cotton, which are the major Kharif crops in the Marathwada and Vidarbha regions, have been the most affected crops.

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‘Series of Pandemic lockdowns, during Kharif unseasonal rains, and now rains and hailstorms. Farmers have indeed been completely broken down. We expected a good return in the rabi season, but now we hope to cover at least the cost of cultivation’, mentioned a Sangli farmer, Baba Sawat.

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