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God’s Crown Fruit, popularity in India for its medicinal prosperities

God's Crown Fruit, popularity in India for its medicinal prosperities

‘Mahkota  Dewa’ fruit also known as God’s crown fruit, is becoming popular in India. It is a significant and potential crop explored for its medicinal prosperities.

This fruit is natively grown in Indonesia and found in home gardens.  It is botanically classified as Phaleria macrocarpa.  They are in small to medium in size fruits, which are available in the plant throughout the year.

This fruit plant is also grown as an Ornamental plant because of its shiny red color fruits, when it grow fully can reach up to 18 mtr and the productive age is from 10 to 20 years.

Medicinal Values

The fruit looks oblong and shiny red in colour when ripe. It has an inner white fibourous flesh, with brown seeds.

While looking into its medicinal properties, it is considered to be medicinal and is source of antioxidants. This wonder fruit is known to a cure for diabetes, cancer, heart ailments. It also has a history of being used in traditional medicine across the world. Because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, it is a better medicine for skin diseases.

It is surprising to notice that the stem of the plant also medicinal and used in treatment of cancer and other disease and leaves also have chemical constituents which are still researched for it medicinal properties.

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Don’t consume the plant raw as it is poisonous

If as a farmer we wish to grow or use this plant, the most important precaution should be taken is to not consume the plant raw as it is POISONOUS.

Hence, it must be cooking before consuming: The fruit is chopped into thin pieces, boil them or shredding and drying them properly before consuming.

The best way is to cut the fruit into pieces and dry them in sun and put them into boiling water and cook them. The water is consumable and the pulp can be dried and used in along with tea powders or coffee. These pieces can be stored if taken proper precautions.

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This plant ‘Mahkota Dewa’  is now becoming popular in India,  this medicinal herb is being cultivated by a farmer Sanaj , from kerala for the last 3 years and  due to demand from people he has established 350 flower beds and initiated Mahkota dewa farming in our country.

Author: Vibin, Krishisanjeevani

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A Gopala Krishna Reddy, Pushpanjali, Josily Samuel and Jagati Yadagiri

Scientist at ICAR- Central Research Institute for dryland Agriculture (CRIDA)

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