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Focus on producing excellent farmers other than teachers & scientists: Tomar

Focus on producing excellent farmers other than teachers & scientists - Tomar
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Focus on producing excellent farmers other than teachers & scientists: Tomar

In the midst of farmer protests that have lasted more than a year, Union Minister for Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar on Friday urged Agri universities and colleges to focus on developing excellent farmers other than professors and scientists.

Tomar presented medals and degrees to 284 students from the Post Graduate School of the ICAR-Indian Agriculture Research Institute in New Delhi, including 8 overseas students.

Tomar addressed the crowd, saying, ‘It is excellent that institutes produce highly outstanding teachers and scientists. As a result, knowledge, and technology are limited to universities solely. If institutes create farmers, they will be able to spread this information to the grassroots level. The students advocated for the growth of entrepreneurship and the pursuit of agriculture as a profession.’

Tomar emphasized the government’s priority in agricultural research, stating that India is among the top ten Agri product exporting countries under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. Also Read | MP Agri University developed new varieties of Wheat, Rice, Oats, Niger suitable for other states

‘We intend to place India among the top five nations, and I am confident that with the efforts and research of our agricultural institutes, we will do so very soon,’ the Minister continued.

Speaking about utilizing drone technology for the betterment of farmers and job creation for various stakeholders, the Agriculture Minister stated that the government is providing a grant of 100% for the purchase of drones to agriculture universities and institutes so that the technology can be taught in the academic institutions.

He stated, ‘Agriculture graduates may potentially be eligible for grant funding for drone purchases. The Minister recommended the new graduates to view this as a tremendous opportunity in the realm of drone technology.’ Also Read | Three out of Five ‘Padma Shri’ awards for Agrarians in Karnataka

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