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Flipkart & Spices Board join to provide market access to spices sector across country

Flipkart , Spices Board join to provide market access to spices sector across country
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Flipkart & Spices Board of India join to provide market access to the spices sector across the country.

Flipkart has announced a collaboration with the Spices Board through its initiative Favourite Spices Trading Limited to provide national market access and to promote farmers and grassroots organisations working in the spices sector from across the country.

Through a Terms of Understanding (ToU), the partnership will help sustain the passion for Indian spices and farmers by bringing a variety of spices online, including black pepper, Kashmiri saffron, honey, cinnamon, cardamom, and Lakadong turmeric, to name a few.

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The agreement was signed as part of Flipkart’s Samarth programme, which aims to empower MSMEs, artisans, entrepreneurs, rural seller and farmer communities, and rural seller and farmer communities selling products associated with rich cultural heritage through Flipkart’s e-commerce platform.

D Sathiyan, Secretary, Spices Board, AB, witnessed the signing. Rema Shree, Spices Board’s Director of Research, and Neil Christopher Castelino, Flipkart Group’s Director of Corporate Affairs.

Sustainable and inclusive business

‘Through the Flipkart Samarth programme, we aim to drive inclusive and sustainable business growth for small and marginal spice growers, said Sathiyan. The Flipkart platform will also serve as a trading platform for farmers to sell their wares on a digital marketplace.’

‘The partnership will enable pan-India market access for farmers and grassroots organisations working in the spices sector while further augmenting our commitment to the social and economic development of our stakeholders,’ said Rajneesh Kumar, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Flipkart Group. As a homegrown company, we want to use the benefits of e-commerce to unlock the potential of local farmer communities and contribute to their growth and livelihood. This collaboration will help to strengthen this vision.’

Flavourit Spices Trading Ltd is a Spices Board initiative that aims to export, organically produce, and certify 52 spices, including small and large cardamom. The Spices Board is also working to develop farmer communities through the use of technology and financial assistance.

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Flipkart has also collaborated with a number of Farmer Producer Organizations to improve access to local staples and increase income for farmer communities on its platform. Flipkart Samarth is a national initiative that aims to assist skilled artisan communities in establishing their businesses on the Flipkart Marketplace in a timely, transparent, and cost-effective manner. The programme was launched in 2019 as a sustainable and inclusive platform that provides new growth opportunities and better livelihoods to underserved indigenous communities and businesses.

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