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Engineers and management graduates now looking for poultry and goat farming

"Engineering to Poultry and Dairy business"

With many people losing their jobs and facing high unemployment as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, some engineers and management graduates in Maharashtra are now looking into options such as poultry and goat farming to supplement their income for livelihood and support their families.

In their pursuit of a stable professional life, 20 engineers and management degree holders have recently decided to enroll for a poultry farming course at the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) in Aurangabad district of Maharastra, according to Anita Jinturkar, the agriculture center’s poultry, and goat farming course specialist.

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“These engineers believe they have to devote a significant amount of time in order to earn a fixed monthly salary. However, because the Covid-19 pandemic has caused job insecurity for many, some of these engineers and management graduates have decided to pursue poultry and goat farming, believing that it will allow them to earn large profits while working for a limited number of hours,” she explained.

The KVK, which is affiliated with the Parbhani based Agri university, “Vasantrao Naik Agriculture University” provides training in supplementary farming courses.

Jinturkar stated that they have received 20 applications for the poultry and goat farming course so far and that it will be available online soon.

‘Fifteen of these students are engineers, two have management degrees, and three have education diplomas. Previously, such training was only available to people who worked full-time in agriculture. However, following the Covid-induced lockdown, even engineers and management degree holders are eager to get into poultry and goat farming,’ she said.

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Prospects look promising

Pawan Pawar, a civil engineering diploma holder, stated that his family owns farmland, but no one is currently caring for it.

‘Every day, I put in a lot of effort to earn a fixed income at the end of the month. I believe that if I invest my time and energy into the poultry and goat farming businesses, I will be able to earn more money. As a result, I applied for this course,’ he explained.

Another engineering Krishna Rathod, from the nearby village of Georai Tanda, has also decided to leave his job after finishing the course.

‘My company asked me to leave during the coronavirus-induced lockdown. This scared me because I realized there is no such thing as job security in these times. As a result, I’ve decided to learn about the poultry industry in addition to goat farming. I currently have a job, but once I start my poultry business, I will leave,’ Rathod explained.

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Shrikant Maske, a local resident who quit his salaried job and ventured into business a few years ago, has now decided to venture into poultry farming. ‘I quit my job four years ago and opened a clothing store. But, the profit graph dropped as a result of the pandemic, and there is no guarantee that the business will recover. People who invested in the poultry industry a few years ago are now reaping large profits. As a result, I decided to take it up and enrolled in this course,’ he explained.

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