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Double farmer income: Karnataka govt to go for massive survey of farmer families

Double farmer income- Karnataka govt to go for massive survey of farmer families

In order to Double farmer income, the Karnataka govt intends to go for a massive survey of farmer families in the state to obtain reliable information.

Instead of imposing a top-down one-size-fits-all scheme, the state government intends to conduct a massive survey of farmer families in order to develop tailor-made income-improvement programs for each.

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This survey information would essentially be used to ‘double farmer income’

On Saturday, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai presided over the first meeting of the Secondary Agriculture Directorate and stated that after the survey, a plan should be developed based on the land and human resources available to each farmer’s family.

The survey will be piloted in four districts by officials from agriculture, horticulture, rural development, and other departments, he said. Though the Secondary Agriculture Directorate is attached to the Agriculture Department, it will work independently and thoroughly examine agricultural practices. He also mentioned fisheries, animal husbandry, and other initiatives that can help farmers supplement their income.

The emphasis should be on efficient land use and farming activities that are not labor-intensive but rely on technology. To find markets for new products, a partnership with local farmer-produce organizations (FPOs) should be formed. The CM directed officials to establish a digital platform to promote exports and expand farmer marketplaces.

The impact of food parks will be evaluated

Officials have been asked to work on ‘changing the mindset of farmers’ in order to help farmers look at agriculture in a new and dynamic light. Local agriculture universities will be involved in developing programmes to help farmers improve productivity and open up marketing opportunities, he advised. In a nutshell, improve farm-to-fork connections.

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The CM directed Food Karnataka Limited staffers to conduct an impact evaluation of state-sponsored Food Parks. There are four such food parks in the state. Bommai directed officials to resolve issues relating to land acquisition, infrastructure, and equity in order to pave the way for the establishment of such industrial zones in Maluru, Hiriyuru, Bagalkot, and Jewargi. After reviewing the proposal with the Finance Department, a decision on granting ₹ 26 crores to Food Karnataka Ltd for Food Parks will be made, he added.

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