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Disease effect on chilli crop mainly on Byadgi type less this year in Karnataka

Disease effect on chilli crop mainly on Byadgi type less this year in Karnataka

Disease effect on chilli crop mainly on Byadgi type less this year in Karnataka

The effect of diseases on the chilli crop, especially the Byadgi type, is less than it was last year, however, arrivals have been hampered by late sowing in Karnataka, the country’s third-largest chilli grower.

According to the website, incidents of wilt illness have decreased compared to last year, however, incidents of western black thrips disease have increased due to cold weather conditions, resulting in pests proliferating exponentially.

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‘Major arrivals were 30% lower than last year when the intake of very low and medium kinds accounted for 50% of the total.’ ‘This year, arrivals of such low quality are less than 10%,’ according to the website.

Also, the amount of medium- and high-quality goods that came in was 20% higher than the year before. Because the south-west monsoon arrived only in Karnataka on July 1, sowing was delayed by 10–15 days this year.

But the area where spice crops are grown is bigger, mostly because farmers are interested in Byadgi. Last year’s record-high chilli prices influenced farmers’ decisions to plant the crop.

Rain impacted Price

Rains in October, on the other hand, impacted 25-35% of the crop, pushing deliveries into the third and fourth weeks of December, according to the report.

According to the website, farmers are hoping for better prices, and the price correction will take some time to take effect. However, prices fell by 20-25% in December, with Byadgi being estimated at ₹38,000 per quintal.

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Heavy rains caused by the building of a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal delayed deliveries in Karnataka by 7–10 days in December, according to However, the weather was generally excellent for the crop last month, and crops are developing ‘exceptionally well’.

The website serves as a platform for dry chilli research and development projects, with a focus on digitizing spice crop data such as price, arrivals, crop survey, assaying, and branding.

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