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Dairy farming ever ending business opportunity!

Dairy farming ever ending business opportunity!

Farming and milk production is not really a latest concept for us, as we have been collecting milk in our own traditional way for many years. Today, dairy farmers in Western and European countries have used modern technology in the milking, reproduction, cow comfort and manure handling sectors.

Over the years of research and data management, dairy farmers in these developed markets have shown that more than 12,000 litres of milk can be taken from a cow in one lactation. Even in countries such as Saudi Arabia, where the climate is not favourable for dairy farming, farmers and startups have adopted innovative and scientific techniques to achieve higher yields.

Desired conditions should be around for a successful business. India is the largest producer of milk in the world, and we have the largest population consuming milk and milk products, and this consumption is increasing on a daily basis. With the introduction of Western milk products such as cheese and butter, the middle-class population in the country has begun to consume more milk products, and every day more pizza and burger joints are mushrooming in every corner of the city.

These are the main consumers of cheese. Our homes, too, are now consuming more milk and products such as yoghurt, butter, milk, ghee, lassi and ice cream.

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As a result, the demand for these products is growing and we are in a vacuum and a high potential market. “In the last 20 years, milk production has increased by more than 60% – with demand moving at a similar pace. India, with a growth of 115 million tonnes of SCM (solid-corrected milk at 4 percent fat and 3.3 p) is a forerunner in this development “Rcent protein),” said Dr. Torsten Hemme, Managing Director of IFCN.

IFCN surveys show that by 2025, India will supply more than 50 per cent of Asia-Pacific requirements. And the Asia-Pacific region will grow by 54% compared to today’s reproduction.

Technology is now available at the doorstep of the farming community due to digitalisation and an increasing number of startups in our country are using modern tools and technologies in their businesses to maximise productivity and make better profits. Government funding and subsidies also support agricultural entrepreneurs for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Technology can now be used in the fields of feed production, animal husbandry, young stock management and farm management. This can help entrepreneurs start dairy farming in a scientific way by adopting modern machinery and tools. They can certainly manage the farm in a profitable way.

In ancient times, local Indian cows produced 1500 litres to 3000 litres of milk in a single lactation, but now, with the introduction of cross-breed cows and better quality cows, 4000 litres to 5000 litres of milk can be produced in a single lactation with better management practises. This production can comfortably cross 8,000 litres. There is also a huge potential to improve the milk production of local Indian breeds with a better feed focus on fertility and health.

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Digitalization and internet is making selling of niche and products much easier. We can reach masses in short time with small budgets. High demand for quality milk and good quality breed availability, knowledge of fodder production and availability of modern technology in the field of dairy farming is making it all more encouraging environment in India.

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