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Crystal Crop Protection launched herbicide ‘Hola’ to control weeds in sugarcane

Crystal Crop Protection launched herbicide 'Hola' to control weeds in sugarcane

Crystal Crop Protection agrochemical company launched herbicide ‘Hola’ to control weeds in sugarcane

Crystal Crop Protection, an agrochemical company, has launched the post-emergent herbicide Hola to help farmers protect their sugarcane crops from weeds and increase their incomes in key producing states such as Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Hola is being tested at several State agro institutions, and over 2,000 demos for sugarcane farmers have taken place in the previous five years.

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Hola has been reported to be effective in the management of narrow-leaf weeds, broad-leaf weeds, and Sedges, particularly Cyperus Rotundus (Motha), a severe concern for farmers.

‘We believe that sugarcane will play an important role in Indian agriculture and economy in the near future.’ In this context, we are pleased to introduce a new herbicide created by our in-house research and development team for sugarcane growers. It will help sugarcane growers increase productivity. ‘We hope to get its patent shortly,’ stated CS Shukla, Crystal Crop’s Senior Vice-President (Strategic Marketing).

Plans for expansion

In the near future, the business intends to make Hola available to cane cultivating farmers in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat.

‘We experience losses of over 18,000 crore as a country owing to weeds in sugarcane, and Hola would bring significant comfort to farmers who suffer losses due to various types of weeds in crop,’ said Ajit Shankhdhar, National Sales Head, Crystal Crop.

The firm intends to gain a market share of 5-6 percent in the first year of operation and 12-15 percent in the following years. In the near future, Hola is predicted to improve the company’s revenue by 3-8 percent.

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Driven by in-house R&D, acquisition, and partnership with foreign players, the business has introduced 17 items in the previous two years and plans to launch six to seven additional goods soon, depending on regulatory approval.

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