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Cotton output in India expected 2% increase at 360 lakh bales in 2021

Cotton output in India expected 2percent increase at 360 lakh bales in 2021

The cotton output in India for the new season 2021-22 is expected to be 360.13 lakh bales (each weighing 170 kg), a 2% increase over the 353 lakh bales estimated for the season that ended September 30, 2021.

Cotton prices are at a record high of 64,500 per candy (for 29mm ginned variety) and 8,800 for a quintal of raw cotton, according to the estimate.

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After its Crop Committee met on Friday, the Cotton Association of India (CAI) released preliminary first estimates for the cotton crop for the new season, which began on October 1, 2021.

The Committee estimates cotton consumption for the new season at 335 lakh bales, the same as last year, predicated on data from various trade sources, upcountry associations, and other stakeholders. Furthermore, imports are expected to remain at the same levels as last year (10 lakh bales).

Cotton exports, which reached a record of around 78 lakh bales in 2020-21, are expected to fall by 38% to 48 lakh bales. This drop is most likely due to the fiber’s record-high prices.

The cotton season (October 1, 2021, to September 30, 2022) is expected to end with surplus stock of about 62.13 lakh bales, down 17% from the estimated closing stock of 75 lakh bales last year.

Cotton production in the largest grower Gujarat is anticipated to be 96.99 lakh bales, up 6% from the previous year’s estimate of 91.5 lakh bales. Cotton production in Maharashtra and Telangana is presumed to be 86.46 lakh and 45.91 lakh bales, respectively, up from 81 lakh bales and 44 lakh bales in the previous year.

Cotton output in Haryana and Rajasthan is expected to fall sharply, with 16.60 lakh bales and 26.67 lakh bales, respectively, down 26% and 18% from last year. Punjab output is expected to remain stable at around 10 lakh bales.

Cotton crop in the northern region is expected to be 18.5 percent lower, at 53.34 lakh bales as opposed to 65.5 lakh bales. The CAI’s Crop Committee will reassess the crop as the season progresses, according to a statement from the trade body.

Gujarat’s output rises

Cotton output in the southern region is expected to be around 95.76 lakh bales, up from 91.5 lakh bales last year. Except for Andhra Pradesh, all cotton-growing states in South India will have a higher cotton crop, including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana.

According to estimates, Andhra Pradesh will have a 10% decrease in the cotton crop, with 14.3 lakh bales compared to 16 lakh bales last year.

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Aside from Gujarat and Maharashtra, cotton output in Madhya Pradesh is expected to increase by about 10% over last year to 20.5 lakh bales from 18.5 lakh bales.

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