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Cocoon mandi in Karnataka to benefit 30,000 Seri farmers & 6,000 Silk reelers

Cocoon mandi in Karnataka to benefit 30,000 Seri farmers & 6,000 Silk reelers

Cocoon mandi in Karnataka to benefit 30,000 Seri farmers & 6,000 Silk reelers.

ReshaMandi, a digital ecosystem for the natural fiber supply chain from farm to retail, has established a cocoon mandi in Ramanagara, Karnataka’s primary silk-producing district. According to the firm, the processing factory and warehouse will benefit over 30,000 sericulture farmers and serve over 6,000 silk reelers, with the goal of optimizing the silk value chain and achieving high-quality raw silk through intervention strategies.

Ensure fair and durable bidding

ReshaMandi claims that its technology will assure fair and dependable bidding as well as a warehouse management system. The Ramanagara facility will have systems that will allow time series calculation on live bidding and statistical computation on the network’s edge, all while safeguarding the bidding with a geo-fence perimeter. Bidding and purchasing will be handled through the company’s proprietary cart management system, which will allow reelers to make payments through the mobile app or receive working capital.

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Cocoons that have been scientifically rated on offer

ReshaMandi aims to provide reelers with scientifically graded cocoons by applying image processing and deep learning algorithms for a predicted renditta (It is the quantity of cocoons required to produce 1kg of raw silk) grading through the State’s 24 cocoon procurement centers. This will boost production capacity and help thousands of reelers who use ReshaMandi’s mobile app, addressing concerns like yarn quality, easy access to funding, fair pricing, scientific testing, and improved logistics.

“As Asia’s second-largest cocoon Mandi opens in Ramanagara, we aim to provide the entire supply chain ecosystem many prospects and chances.” “With this mandi, we will ensure that a thorough set of measures are executed onsite for the farmers’ ease and monetary advantage,” stated Mayank Tiwari, CEO, and Founder, ReshaMandi.

ReshaMandi is building a national network to source fabrics, sarees, and accessories directly from 5,500 weavers and 6,000 reelers, with the goal of bringing a sustainable, authentic, and positive economic change to stakeholders, their families, and communities, while reigniting consumers’ love for India’s wide and varied weaving traditions.

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