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Cargill’s ‘Digital Saathi’ Kannada mobile App for Karnataka farmers

"Cargill's 'Digital Saathi,' a Kannada mobile App for Karnataka Farmers"

Cargill has introduced ‘Digital Saathi,’ a Kannada language mobile-first, AI-powered local online service platform with information in Kannada – which is understandable to farmers in Karnataka’s districts and will improve decision-making

‘Digital Saathi will provide digitalized agriculture advisory services and improved market access to small-scale farmers in five Karnataka districts: Bellary, Chitradurga, Haveri, Davangere, and Shimoga.’ Small and marginal farmers will have easy access to a variety of stakeholders, including peer farmers, Farmer Producing Companies, agri-suppliers, buyers, traders, and processors, according to a statement from Cargill.

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‘The mobile app already has registered 6,000 small farmers and is expected to grow up to 30,000 farmers registrations in Karnataka by May 2022,’ the statement said.

Cargill has set a global goal of training 10 million farmers in sustainable agricultural practices and improving access to markets by 2030, and Digital Saathi is a step in that direction. Cargill hopes to connect with over 3 million farmers in the next five years through this hyper-localized service platform.’

Digital Saathi offers farmers digital solutions such as online discussion forums and market prices, weather predictions, pre- to post-harvest information, and other pertinent information. Starting in October 2021, the app will also include Crop Input e-commerce and Crop Sell Offer to improve access to high-quality crop inputs and enable market linkages between growers and aggregators via a digitally enabled marketplace.

‘This is a step towards building a farmers’ ecosystem, supporting them, and increasing productivity and profitability, said Simon George, president of Cargill in India, at the launch of the online platform. Cargill will continue to innovate to help Indian farmers better align with the local Agri markets.’

In response to the launch, Digital Saathi founder Raman Saxena stated, ‘We are committed to farmers and their future by bringing in digital solutions that build last-mile connections across the agri-value chain.’ The App will continue to work with farmer needs in the region, as well as collaborate with various stakeholders, to bring the best innovations and solutions to the agriculture industry.

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The robust App is available on a basic Android phone with farming information in Kannada – which is understandable to farmers in Karnataka’s districts and it will help make a good and quick decision.

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