Coconut Farming MSP Protest

BJP’s farmers’ wing BKS demands MSP for coconut and asks for PDS

BJP's farmers' wing BKS demands MSP for coconut, buy for PDS (1)

BJP’s farmers’ wing BKS demands MSP for coconut and asks govt to buy for PDS

The farmers’ branch of the BJP, Bharatiya Kisan Sangh (BKS), asked that coconuts be put in Pongal hampers so that coconut growers here could get a good income from them.

The farmers’ group also asked for minimum price support (MSP) for coconuts and for the government to buy coconuts for the Public Distribution System (PDS).

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The farmers’ branch of the BJP held a rally in Krishnagiri on Thursday to make this point.

According to the farmers’ wing, there was 4.63 lakh ha of coconut farms in the state. Tamil Nadu made up 31.5% of the country’s coconut production.

With 27.47% of the coconut trading market in the country, Tamil Nadu comes in second after Karnataka. The BJP said that even though coconut growers are making a lot of coconuts, they are not getting enough help with pricing.

To help coconut farmers and make sure they have a steady income, coconuts should be made available to the public through fair-price shops. The protesters said that under the noon meal plan, coconut oil must be used to cook.

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The farmers’ wing says that there are 2.23 crore family cardholders who get benefits from the PDS. This is equivalent to 6.9 crore people.

Every month, 10 coconuts must be given to each family card.

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