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BIPA that support organic farming, believes in combination of bio-pesticides

BIPA that support organic farming, believes in combination of bio-pesticides

BIPA that supports organic farming bats for the combination of bio-pesticides

The Bio-Agri Input Producers Association (BIPA), which represents a small but growing number of small and medium-sized businesses that support the growing organic farming industry, believes that the country should allow combination bio-pesticides to promote residue-free Agri produce.

It contends that the combination bio-pesticides are safer for consumers and the environment than conventional pesticides.

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According to BIPA Joint Secretary John Peter, combination bio-pesticides will provide farmers with superior bio-efficacy when compared to standalone bio-pesticides.

‘When integrated appropriately with conventional pesticides, they reduce the chances of pesticide residues in harvested produce, ensuring increased agriculture commodity exports,’ he explained.

Furthermore, the bio-pesticide combination is safe for humans, animals, the environment, and non-targeted beneficial organisms in soil as well as in the environment.

According to BIPA President K R K Reddy, the country’s soil health has been completely eroded due to the excessive use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

‘Revitalizing the soils is extremely difficult. It would take years of effort to restore the soil’s vitality. The two major challenges that we face are how to increase productivity and how to produce quality output,’ he said.

‘It takes 1,000 years to generate three centimeters of topsoil, and if current rates of degradation continue, all of the world’s topsoil could be gone within 60 years,’ he said.

The Bio Agri-2021 meeting

The BIPA will host a two-day Bio-Agri Summit in Hyderabad on October 28 and 29, with the theme ‘Bio Innovations for Regenerative Agriculture.’

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Conference focused topics

Biological Crop Nutrition: Present Status and Future Directions.
Biological Crop Protection: Emerging Trends, and Predators, Parasites, and Pollinators for Better Crop Protection.

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