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Availability of fodder will be the key worry in coming days: Agri Minister

Availability of fodder will be the key worry in coming days - Agri Minister

Availability of fodder will be the key worry in the coming days: Agri Minister.

Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Narendra Singh Tomar expressed alarm over a possible lack of animal feed in the coming days and urged policymakers, entrepreneurs, and dairy leaders to address the matter.

The minister highlighted several issues that agriculture is now facing at a session on Feed, Food, and Waste at the International Dairy Federation’s (IDF) World Dairy Summit.

‘The main issue among them is how to secure adequate availability of feed in the future and what the possible solutions are. This necessitates a serious conversation’ Tomar stated.

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Tomar, using the Gir breed of cows from the Goras region as an example, stated that during peak heat and water scarcity situations, cattle herds must transport their cattle to far-flung places as far as 200-300 kilometers away in search of feed. ‘Because of this difficulty, the desired development of these persons does not occur,’ he explained.

Squandering Valuable Residue

On the subject of stubble burning, he described it as a waste of a valuable farm leftover that may be put to many other purposes, including boosting soil fertility.

‘Normally, we regard it as garbage. If we don’t use it properly, we may encounter a problem for both the environment and animal feed. Every time, the issue of Parali (stubble burning) arises. Everyone understands that stubble burning is a waste of a resource. If these farm residuals are burned, the potential income will be lost’ He stated.

He claims that stubble burning not only harms the environment, but also affects the soil and kills beneficial bacteria, resulting in loss of soil quality and, ultimately, fertility.

In his talk to a gathering of agricultural scientists, international specialists, and entrepreneurs, he stated that proper disposal of farm residuals as well as home residuals of vegetables or fruits and converting them into riches ‘is a very contemporary subject that needs to be addressed.’

Native decomposer

Several locations are currently using an indigenously developed decomposer. Tomar believes that such technological interventions should be promoted.

The Agriculture Minister also urged farmers to embrace the organic and natural farming mission and strive for greater success. Also Read | NDDB to introduce indigenous sex-sorted semen technology for milch cow.

‘More farmers practicing ecological farming will benefit the overall environment. People’s attitudes on healthy food have shifted dramatically since covid. And people are purchasing chemical-free foods, even if they are slightly more expensive’ He stated.

‘In recent years, India has exported agricultural products worth ₹ 4 lakh crore. Organic products have a significant role in this’ He stated.

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