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Assam govt to set up Agricultural Commission to explore commercial production

Assam govt to form Agricultural Commission to explore commercial production

The Assam government will form an Agricultural Commission comprised of specialists and agricultural scientists to investigate commercial agricultural production solutions.

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma laid the groundwork (foundation stone) for the Bengal Florican Conservation, Research, and Ecotourism Site at Naba Dihira in Baksa district. During the ceremony, he also inaugurated 107 Anganwadi Centres built with MGNREGA funds for 2021-22.

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‘The State Government would form an Agricultural Commission comprised of professionals and agricultural scientists to investigate commercial agricultural production opportunities in Assam. It will make recommendations to increase productivity and farmer income,’ the Chief Minister stated in his statement.

He claimed that Kokolabari Agri Farm has historical heritage and that the BTR (Bodoland Territorial Council) administration has been working to expand the farm. He also discussed initiatives made by the state government to raise Assam’s per capita income and GDP while aiming for maximum utilization of the state’s resources.

He further stated that despite having a favorable climate for agriculture and allied industries, Assam continues to import food products from other countries. Only words and talks will carry forward if there is no commitment to work hard, he claimed, and aggressive agricultural operations are required to achieve self-sufficiency.

Additional funds for ecotourism and livelihood projects

Informing that the State Government and the BTR administration would work together to establish a national level institute at the Kokolabari Agri Farm. He announced that additional funds will be allocated to the Soil Conservation Department for the implementation of river erosion protection programmes in the area, as well as consideration of all other local people’s concerns.

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Later, the Chief Minister met with representatives of the local community, (NGO’s) non-governmental organizations, and forest officials from Manas National Park. He also presented certificates of appreciation to forest guards, foresters, and others who have shown exceptional service in the protection of MNP. He also stated that the state government will investigate opportunities for implementing ecotourism and other livelihood projects for local residents.

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