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APEDA to promote Indian millets in17 major global events in FY24

APEDA to promote Indian millets in17 major international events in FY24

APEDA to promote Indian millets in17 major international events in FY24

The Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), a government agency that promotes agri-exports, is planning to send an Indian delegation of exporters, start-ups, and farmer-producer organizations (FPOs) to 17 major international events to promote millets and their value-added products in 2023, which has been named the International Year of Millets by the United Nations.

‘This is a good chance to increase our exports because India has a lot of traditional millets that people who care about their health love.’ However, there needs to be a lot of publicity for value-added millet products to be shipped more,’ said APEDA Chairman M. Angamuthu. But he wouldn’t say anything about the marketing plan.

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A small number of exports

APEDA wants to increase the export of millets and their products with added value from $64.28 million in 2021-22 to $100 million in 2023-24.

In 2020-21, these products were worth $59.75 million when they were exported, and the amount of value-added products were almost nothing. India is the biggest producer of millets, but its share of the $470 million global trade in millets in 2021 is less than 15%.

‘India’s share of millets exports is fifth in the world right now, but we’re sure we’ll be in the top three in the next two years,’ he said.

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The Finance Minister asks new businesses to look into millet processing and come up with new ideas. It calls for adding more value to millet processing so that it can be sold for more money when exported.

Angamuthu said that more people will want to know about Indian millets if millets are promoted at international events.

Sources say that APEDA plans to take part in 17 fairs: three in the United States; five in Europe; seven in Asia, and one each in Australia and Africa. The first fair will be SIAL Food in Paris on October 15, 2022.

Putting display for importers

Sources say that the Indian government has asked its embassies and high commissions in the UAE, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UK, US, Indonesia, Belgium, Japan, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands to do more to promote Indian millets, since these are the countries that buy the most of them.

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‘We will invite potential importers to India, where we will show off a variety of millet-based products and set up B2B meetings. Angamuthu said that the first meeting of this kind is likely to happen in the first week of December in Delhi.’

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