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Amazon Retail announced its Agronomy services for Indian farmers

"amazon into agronomy services"

Online Retail giant ‘Amazon Retail’ has announced the launch of its agronomy services for Indian farmers, which will provide them with timely advice that will enable them to make accurate and quick decisions on crop-related practices.

The agronomy service also provides an application interface via machine learning and computer-vision based algorithms that simplify supply chain processes, assists farmers in identifying defects (rotting, spots, cuts, mould) in fruits and vegetables, and reduces produce wastage, thereby ensuring that customers receive quality fruits and vegetables, according to the company in a statement.

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‘We are excited about the role we can play in empowering Indian farmers and the farming community through pioneer technologies, which improves farm yield and fruit and vegetable quality. This is a comprehensive approach that enables farmers to use scientific crop methods based on soil and weather conditions, as well as crop and disease management inputs,’ said Sameer Khetarpal, Director, Grocery, Food, and Health, Amazon India.

‘We are humbled by farmers’ willingness to adopt and learn tech-led simplified solutions that aid in fast decision making and improved farm results. We intend to continuously improve programme efficiency and develop new modules that will benefit Indian farmers and provide customers with fresh produce,’ Khetarpal said.

Amazon stated that it has created an ecosystem by combining agronomist-driven field interventions with farm management tools to track the impact of such interventions. A team of agronomists provides agri-tech expertise to registered farmer partners in order to increase farm yield and product quality.

Proactive and reactive Crop plans:

Proactive crop planning is based on scientific crop and soil management practices, with the goal of increasing yield and quality. The Reactive crop planning is an intervention-based program that enables farmers can raise alerts on diseases, pests and other farming problems and receive remedial solutions.

As per the company’s info, presently, 80% of farmers onboarded with Amazon have access to a personalised crop plan on their mobile app, as well as the ability to raise reactive crop-related queries for resolution as and when needed.

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Amazon Retail is constructing a dependable temperature-controlled supply chain infrastructure. Once the produce is sourced from farmers and delivered to the processing centres, Amazon Retail associates use technology to inspect and monitor quality at multiple stages. The fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) is then sorted, graded, and packed in various sizes at processing centres before being delivered to Amazon Fresh fulfilment centres near customers.

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