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Agritech startup launched ‘Krishify Business Suite’ for business with farmers

Agritech startup launched 'Krishify Business Suite,' a tool to do business with farmers
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Agritech startup launched ‘Krishify Business Suite,’ a tool to do business with farmers.

Krishify, a leading agritech startup, has launched the ‘Krishify Business Suite,’ a SaaS (software as a service) tool that enables Agribusinesses to efficiently connect, engage, and conduct business with farmers.

Companies can use the tool to market their products on the platform while also increasing brand awareness and loyalty through advertising and marketing campaigns. It can also serve as a data center for businesses looking to find farmers across the country and gain ‘granular’ insights into farmer demographics.

It also enables businesses to respond to farmer inquiries via a form that can be published alongside content on the Krishify App. Also Read | Agritech company Leads Connect Services launched a pilot project called ‘SIGMAA’.

According to a company statement, Krishify Business Suite could be a game-changer in rural marketing, particularly in the agriculture sector. The suite will assist businesses in getting to know their end customers and gathering feedback to improve their own quality and performance.

Intelligent communication tools

According to the start-up, over 90 lakh farmers registered with Krishify will have access to the Suite, which will provide ‘cost efficiency and scalability for large corporations and smaller companies’ in the agriculture sector.

The Krishify Business Suite enables scalability by allowing businesses to target a specific segment of farmers across the country in order to advertise their product line. In addition to Krishify Chat – a window for direct communication with farmers – the suite includes smart communication tools such as SMS, WhatsApp, and automated phone calls.

According to Rajesh Ranjan, Founder, and CEO of Krishify, firms operating in rural India and across the agriculture value chain, such as farm input, fertilizers, pesticides, tractors, farm machinery, equipment, and agrochemicals, can benefit from the Krishify Business Suite.

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Krishify App is dubbed ‘Facebook for Farmers,’ with the company putting machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Android operating system to good use for farmers by providing a one-stop solution.

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