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Agricultural Biotechnology and its role in Agri and allied Sectors

Agricultural Biotechnology and its role in Agri and allied Sectors

Agricultural biotechnology companies are working to provide farmers with tools to enhance the production volume and productivity of plant and animal products, while focusing on reducing the cost of production.

Agricultural biotechnology is yet another growing scientific area that plays an important role in the breeding of nutritious, high-yield and less resource-intensive crops.

The Indian Government is supporting the agri-biotech industry at different levels through a regulatory framework, policies and financial incentives. The availability of skilled labour, the favourable environment for intellectual property rights (IPRs), the constant inflow of investment from both government and private sectors are encouraging the growth of the agri-biotech sector in India.

In addition to the Bt cotton crop, more than 20 biotech crops are being developed by both the public and private sectors of the country. In addition to these bio-fertilizers, bio-fuels and bio-pesticides contribute to the growth of the Indian agri-biotech market.

Controversies pertaining to farmers’ suicides as a result of the failure of Bt cotton, cattle and sheep/goat deaths in Bt cotton field grazing should be clarified through scientific research.

The public and private sectors have made full use of the market opportunities assisted by Agri Biotechnology and government incentives to boost output, efficiency and profitability to sustain future growth.

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Agricultural biotechnology companies are working to provide farmers with techniques to increase the production and productivity of plant and animal products, while concentrating on lowering the cost of production.

In addition, it may also include the production of ornamental plants such as orchids and plants that can be used for fuel production (biofuels). To achieve these objectives, biotechnologists are developing products to protect animals and crops from pests and diseases and helping the farming community to identify the best animals and seeds to be used for selective breeding purposes.

For example, commercial fish farming may dare to raise fish such as salmon, tilapia or catfish. If these developed fish had been infected with certain viruses, the fish would have died. This vaccine, developed through biotechnology, may be used by fish farmers to prevent such infections.

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