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Agri students mission to educate & assist farmers on various farming methods

Agri students on mission to educate & assist farmers various farming methods (1)
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Agriculture students are on 90 days mission to educate and assist farmers on various farming methods.

When education is used to aid others, it accomplishes its mission. It is an example of education and laymen skills working together to improve the farming industry has been witnessing in Tamil Nadu.

A team of final-year Agri students from Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural College and Research Institute is on a ninety-day mission to assist Tiruchirappalli farmers in Tamil Nadu. These students have studied agriculture and have an extensive understanding of crops and farming, therefore they wish to assist farmers by organizing camps for them.

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Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural College and Research Institute is part of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, offers an undergraduate degree in agriculture, and it is located at Navalur Kuttappattu village near Tiruchirappalli.

The mission will be extended to 90 days beginning February 1 in the Veppanthattai block of the Perambalur district. The students’ purpose will be to educate farmers about crops such as cotton, sugarcane, maize, and onion.

Educate, Awareness and Assistance

The students have discovered a leaf twister disease in the onion crop thus far in their assignment. Students devised a remedy and informed the farmers about it. One of the students told that the farmers are unaware of the leaf twister illness in the onion crop. The students have increased awareness about the ailments and developed solutions to assist farmers.

Now, the situation is better since many farmers have been educated about many aspects of their crops that they were previously unaware of. A few farmers are utilizing native seeds to combat the leaf twister disease. They are now familiar that hybrid seeds might have a detrimental impact on crop yield. Even resowing crop seeds is detrimental to the crop.

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The students are working together in the villages of Veeranganur, Annamangalam, V Kalathur, and Valikandapuram. The leaf twister disease in the onion crop was discovered by students at a field near Valikandapuram. Not only that, but the students also assisted farmers in learning about fertilizer pricing and real farming methods.