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Agri-Fintech aims to provide millions of unbanked small dairy farmers

Small dairy farmers

Dvara E-Dairy Solutions Pvt Ltd, an agri-fintech firm, has partnered with Jana Small Finance Bank (Jana SFB) to serve small dairy farmers.

Dvara E-Dairy firm hopes to use digital technologies to provide financial and cattle management solutions to small and medium-sized dairy farmers through the partnership.

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‘Today, a cattle loan is primarily regarded as a ‘personal loan to a dairy farmer.’ With this strategic partnership with Jana SFB, we hope to provide millions of unbanked and underbanked small dairy farmers with access to a variety of financial services,’ said Ravi KA, founder, and CEO of Dvara E-Dairy Solutions.

‘Jana SFB has a large branch network in rural and agricultural areas throughout India.’the partnership is going to transform the credit and underwriting process for dairy loans by incorporating advanced veterinary science, leveraging new-age technologies, practices, and Jana SFB’s expertise in Agri and Allied sector’.

Surabhi e-Tag, our in-house product, gives precise cattle identification predicated on muzzle identity.

Correspondingly, the Surabhi Score, which is based on digital assessment, adds to the underwriting of cattle loans depending on dairy activities and customized cattle management recommendations. This assists dairy farmers in improving their livelihoods and meeting household financial goals,’ Ravi added.

‘We genuinely think that dairy is one of the critical sectors that not only generate employment to millions of rural households but also contributes to the economy,’ said Sudhir Madhavan, Head of Retail Financial Services, Jana SFB.

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He further added that ‘Our goal is to bridge the financial gap in this ecosystem by providing the necessary finance in a secure and convenient manner.’

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